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Is music really a tool for healing?

By Debbie Walmsley, crystal healer and reiki practitioner

As music can have a big effect on clients and their experience during energy healing work, it makes sense to choose the tracks to play with care.

Have you ever noticed that when listening to certain kinds of music, it is impossible to keep your fingers and toes still, while other types of melodies make you want to throw the radio out of the window? Has a song ever reduced you to tears because it was sad, or happy or just beautiful? Maybe you have created a special playlist to motivate you when running or at the gym? Perhaps it is a different one when you want to relax and unwind?

So all in all, it seems that music could have a bigger impact than most of us realise. We know that it affects our internal functions, such as blood pressure, that it can speed or slow down our heart rate, reduce anxiety and even help digestion.

But how does it do this and why does it impact us in the way it does? The answer lies in frequencies. The way we feel and the way our brain responds when we listen depends on the combination of frequencies on the music track. This is known as the ‘frequency response’.

Most modern music is tuned to 440Hz. According to researcher Brian T. Collins, who also creates mindful music, this standard pitch (A=440 Hz) does not harmonise at any level with cosmic movement, rhythm or natural vibrations. Classical musicians such as Mozart and Verdi, on the other hand, based their music on the natural musical pitch of A=432Hz due to its healing energy and the natural ‘feel-good’ properties it evoked in their audiences.

According to Dutch journalist Richard Huisken, who has researched the origins and benefits of music tuned to 432Hz, these sounds are softer and brighter, provide greater clarity and are generally easier on the ears. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. It also gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound than 440Hz.

Interestingly, the 432Hz frequency also works with the heart chakra, or ‘centre of feelings’, and may influence the listener’s spiritual development. Some people who cannot necessarily tell the difference between sounds resonating at 440Hz and 432Hz claim they can feel that the music is ‘warmer’, maybe as a result of its longer wavelength.

The 432Hz frequency resonates at the top end of the theta brainwave range, which induces a state of very deep relaxation, and the start of the alpha brainwave range, which brings about a deep meditative state. As a result, it makes us feel very relaxed but also conscious and open to intuitive learning at the same time.

Attuning with Mother Nature

But just think for a moment about how many different frequencies emanating from mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, radios and microwaves travel through our brains in a given day. They all operate at different frequencies and pull our brain from one frequency to the next. It is no wonder that these devices, which all emit artificial electromagnetic radiation, have been linked to depression, insomnia and even cancer.

As a result, it makes sense to spend as much time as possible attuned to the natural electromagnetic pulses of the earth (the heartbeat of Mother Nature) – at 432 Hz – in order to feel more centred, balanced and peaceful.

Further evidence of music routinely being played at 432Hz, meanwhile, can be found in ancient Greece, where instruments associated with Orpheus – the God of Music – were tuned to this frequency. Moreover, according to international researcher and musician Ananda Bosman, the majority of instruments unearthed from ancient Egyptian sites were also tuned to the same pitch. Sound researcher Jamie Buturff likewise discovered that many CD recordings of Tibetan monks’ singing bowls were tuned to 432Hz too.

This situation is undoubtedly due to the frequency’s direct link with Mother Nature and its ability to help people relax for meditative purposes. The more you listen to music tuned to 432Hz, the more peaceful and happier you will feel as your brain becomes attuned to the Earth’s frequency.

We, like the plants and animals, are all part of Mother Nature and consist of energy that resonates at its own frequency. Therefore, playing music that is not tuned to this frequency over a prolonged period of time will make us feel out of sync. Could this be the reason that certain types of music are linked to behavioural issues and intense negative emotional reactions in some people? Possibly.

We all know music has healing properties: Music therapists use music to help restore memory in Alzheimer’s patients and improve basic motor skills in stroke victims. We also know that listening to specific frequencies in concentrated amounts entrains the brain to experience specific states of wellbeing.

Listening to 432Hz is proven to have a calming effect and regular listening will decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, while promoting natural healing and a deeper connection with all sentient beings and the world at large. So it really is time to tune yourself into Mother Nature’s heartbeat.

If you would like to try the healing properties of music for yourself, email me at debbie653@hotmail.com and I will send you a link to one of my free mediations based on 432Hz music – but do let me know how it makes you feel.

Debbie Walmsley

Debbie Walmsley is a reiki practitioner, crystal healer, master hypnotherapist and Three Principles facilitator. She is also a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the Complimentary Medical Association. Debbie has been a natural healer all her life, having first discovered the power of healing in her teenage years. She has studied various forms of energy healing, which included spending a month in Peru with a shaman.


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