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A ‘Divine 9’ message: 2019 – A pivotal year of completion and rebirth


By guest contributor Gina Schofield, channel and cosmic coach

Since 2009 when I started channelling, a range of wonderful guides have both communicated through me, and with me. All of them come from evolved star groupings from other parts of our cosmos, such as AndromedaSirius and the Pleiades. Most recently, on the morning of 31 December 2018, a group called ‘The Divine 9’ from the Pleiades brought through an uplifting message about the energy of 2019, including tips on how to move through the year with more ease and grace.

The Divine 9 describe their mission as being one of supporting humanity in strengthening the connection with our divine aspects, which they tend to call our ‘Illumined Self’ (higher self). Their name, the Divine 9, refers then to this Divine aspect of us, and also to the energy of the 9 contained within the 2019 year, where the focus is on working towards completion and rebirth.

When reading their message though, please bear in mind that it was spoken by them through me, and I then typed it up from my voice recorder. So it is a snapshot of the way they speak, which is sometimes very fast. They also often repeat things in slightly different ways to get their message across more clearly.

So my suggestion is to let go of needing it to read like a perfectly-written human piece because the way they use language is different from us. Instead try to open up and allow yourself, as you read it, to feel the energy of their transmission within the message. So here it is:

“We are the Divine 9 and we bring through the divinity frequencies – divinity as in your illumined aspects, and we come from the Pleiadian frequencies. The 9 is an energy of working towards completion and rebirth.

“2019 contains the 9, and this is a really pivotal year. You will be working towards all that you have been doing, your inner work of this past few years. And so this is an embodiment year, a year of true action and really making it happen. Walking the talk, embodying the learnings and knowings that you have been working through so well and integrating.

“Now it is taking all of that and putting it into action. This will be showing up in new relationships that will be forming, so that people will be embarking on new love partnerships, new business partnerships, and you will also see new business ideas and new institutional shifts. Lots of positivity is coming onto the horizon. We are here to gather and share with you everything to do with the 9 energy.


2019 as a gateway year

“The gateway portal point of 2019 begins to prepare us for the 2020 timeline of the next decade, that is very filled with light and new developments for humankind. We are a collective that come from the Divine 9 constellation of the Pleiades star system that brings forth a frequency of divine expression in human form.

“And so what we mean is, the blended human that has their higher-self frequencies more integrated than ever before – this is what is coming for many who are in a space of readiness for this. More and more threads and light frequencies are coming through in the day-to-day, so that you are ‘feeling more yourselves’ – this is what a human would call it – you will be ‘feeling more yourselves’ than ever before.

“And what does this mean? It means being online more fully. Being more plugged in more of the time is the goal because it feels good, it feels natural, and you feel home. So you are embodying home here on Earth as you move through your world, and you interact and engage, and you are more and more embodied in your fullest, illumined self.

“So this is exciting! Imagine a planet with more and more humans embodying this and living, speaking, interacting and choosing from that energy space. This is a world that is healing itself.

“And of course you may ask why does the world look the way it does? Well, we see that there has been so much destruction both on a psychological level, within people’s psyches due to fragmentation and separation. Due to war, conflict, repression, and all kinds of subtle things that affect many people, like working long hours and being in isolation quite often in their separate abodes, and not having that feeling of support and tribe and love that once was the norm in more ancient times for many.

“So this community is beginning to return, in a new digital way, and will look different for each person. People are finding their own creative ways to create a tribe, whether this be through an online community or whether it be through groups that they physically go to that they are finding online.

“So it’s interesting, isn’t it, if you track the trajectory of humanity, how fascinating it is through all the many civilisations (as you call them) throughout time, how things have been built up and burnt down, and built up and burnt down?

“And now, in this world, there is actually so much positivity and so much light lighting up, and so much healing occurring on the subtle planes. And in more tangible, obvious ways, there are also people speaking out, people standing up for things that they believe in, and the vulnerable are being supported in ways that they were not before.


2019 as a year of reconnection

“So much is stepping up if you really think about the improvements broadly and deeply from how things were 50 years ago, and how things are now. This would be an interesting exercise would it not, to explore, to really get how things really are improving?

“So do not feel that the world is on a trajectory of self-destruction. And yes, Gaia is living and breathing still, miraculously, despite the lack of love and respect that has been shown to her, and a lack of realisation that she is a live being who has feelings.

“Still many who are asleep do not realise or even comprehend this, that Gaia is a living breathing being. They may look at trees and grass. They know are growing, but they never have a thought that there is feeling there. So there is this disconnect, yes.

“But, at the same time, there are so many who are returning to and rediscovering an honouring of the herbal ways, of foraging, of ways of making things homemade again. The ways of making and creating, and remembering how to do things oneself rather than just buying it all from the shop.

“So there is an ongoing process of reconnection, a reconnection within one’s own psyche, a reconnection with each other as humans. And people are being heartfelt and considerate and also moving about the world with more gracefulness and consideration and thought for the livingness of this Earth. So there is so much to celebrate.

“So this year 2019, let us see what is going to be the flavour of this year. This has much to do with how you can bring your fullest embodiment out into the world, so this is more a year for being out than being in.

“Being in has been the theme for the past few years as people have really gone within and self-sought within themselves. And you may have been going through layers and layers and layers of ancestral and akashic records, to clear, to cleanse, to purify, to face, to bring up, to unearth. And so much courage and resilience has been built as a result of this, yes.


2019 as a year of embodiment

“So much resilience is becoming the norm, and do you see now, with this courage and resilience as you step out into the world with your new embodiment of the things you are deeply knowing, the things you have seen and felt and had nudges about to shift and change even in a subtle way.

“As you embody them and move them out into the world, and you start to share them as you feel guided and appropriate, this is what you are going to be feeling and seeing: Changes in yourself that feel good, that feel more aligned. Changes that you feel and see in others. Changes that you will begin to see and feel in institutions and collective groupings.

“So you see this year, 2019, is more of an outward embodiment, an action year of making things happen. And this could be for you personally to do with changing habits, such as committing to breathing in awareness for five minutes a day.

“Really the key is to listen to your personal prompting, your personal need. Moving also out of the mentality that has been common in many aspects of society – the feeling of having to fit in for fear of disapproval or ostracisation.

“What you will be finding is that as you follow your true promptings rather than society’s messages (that maybe don’t sit properly or fully with you as an individual). And you will find that you will be seeing this in others also. And you will feel that your values are being more accepted by others around you, and this will be a nice surprise, as they also are learning to step into their personal, new frequencies.

“So this is a theme that is coming: more acceptance of the self in its uniqueness, and more acceptance of others, and a celebration of them embodying their uniqueness. And you will find this is more common. And we would encourage you to really allow yourself to encourage in others, where you feel they are calling for support in making changes or looking for any support or encouragement, if it is something that they are personally prompted to do, then that is right for them.

“Rather than the thinking mind, it is more what their heart is telling them, or what their gut is communicating to them, or telling them deeply in the body-self that is true and right.

No conflict – that is the thing now. We are moving away from conflict and we are moving into Harmony and Unity, and that is the journey we are on as a humanity, from conflict to unity – both outwardly in your culture, between nations, and also inwardly. A mending and a blending of the psyche, of each person’s psyche, as they bring home the parts of them that may have been exiled, bringing them home to be together and aligned and connected.


2019 as an outward-looking year

“So this is an exciting time. This is a gateway year, where we move from the inward to the outward phase of action, of really starting to embody all we have been learning.

“It should not be too hard in many ways. The key thing is to listen, to really take time to listen, to feel your knowing and feel your truth within you personally. And if you need to take time locked in the bathroom, for example, to be on your own, to feel your personal knowing away from the pressures and voices of others, if you can, this is the most key, important thing: to keep coming back to your personal knowing of what is right for you. Do not feel this is selfish, for it is not.

As you are more your true aligned self, you are more and more a representation of the Love frequency walking the planet. And you are actually being far less selfish as you embody your fullness, as you embody the full love that you can give to yourself, and then allow that to flow through you in your expression as you move through the world – you are being of far greater service in many ways.

“So really this is the key, to make time to listen within, even if it is five minutes a day, two minutes a day, perhaps in the morning, and again at night. Take time to go within and listen and, as you practice this, you will find it becomes quicker and stronger and easier. And it is an investment, and you will find that your illumined self, your expanded most evolved expression of yourself is going to be more and more online as you listen.

“The more you listen, the more you know what to do and the more you know who you are. The more you know who you are, the more peace you feel, the more loving you feel, the more love you can give, the more you can share, the more you can receive. It’s a win-win.

“It is such a small investment of time and attention, absolutely tiny really in terms of the time you have in your 24-hour day. So that is the key – we cannot stress this enough – to listen, two minutes in the morning, two minutes at night. And accompany this with a slower deeper breathing, for this calms the mind and allows your fuller self to come through.

“So 2019 is a year of moving into a fuller embodiment of who you truly are.”

Gina Shofield

Gina Schofield is a channel and cosmic coach based in Bristol. She has channelled guides from evolved star groupings from other parts of our cosmos, such as Andromeda, Sirius and the Pleiades, since 2009. Gina offers personal and group sessions, in which the guides coach and offer multidimensional healing.


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Kundalini yoga: Taking on the challenge of transformational change

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By Sarah Stollery, kundalini yoga and meditation teacher

As the turn of the year approaches once again, how many of you have started thinking about New Year’s resolutions – even if, quite often, they are not very new at all? In fact, all too often, they are actually the same ones we made last year but did not stick to.

Which begs the question of why bother? Change is hard work. So shouldn’t we just accept ourselves as we are and let go of the idea that we could create a better version of ourselves?

Loving and accepting ourselves for who we are is certainly a worthy aim. But even doing that meaningfully can require transformation of a kind – a transformation in our thinking.

And what about those resolutions that really would support us in living more fulfilling, connected and joyous lives? If you are stuck in a job you hate, it IS important to make 2019 the year you find a new vocation.

If you are feeling stifled creatively, 2019 IS the year to find a satisfying outlet for your passion. If you are chronically stressed and exhausted, 2019 IS the year to find a more balanced and sustainable way of living.

Illustration with mantra om sign surrounded by energy beams

Transformational change

But change is challenging, and sometimes the best intentions in the world are simply not enough to ensure temporary change becomes lasting transformation. That is where kundalini yoga and meditation come in. They act as tools to help bring about authentic, lasting transformation by working on multiple levels.

Habits, both good and bad, exist not just in our subconscious and unconscious minds, but also in our cellular memory as well. So, to delete old habits and create new ones successfully, it is necessary to work on all of these levels. Kundalini yoga can help here by:

  • Rewiring our nervous system to remove old habits and embed new ones;
  • Rebalancing and reprogramming our endocrine (hormonal) system to support us through the emotional challenges that change generates;
  • Cultivating a neutral mind so that we have the necessary awareness to make conscious choices untainted by ego, which resists change;
  • Developing an achievable daily practice that specifically targets the changes we wish to make;
  • Providing us with a supportive community of fellow yogis, who are also working towards making change and so help to keep us accountable.

Life is too short to write off effecting transformational change in the name of loving and accepting ourselves as we are. It is important to remember that we cannot fully love and accept ourselves if we are not living an authentic life in which we recognise and honour our own needs. So it is vital to put in the hard work required to ensure those needs are met by creating the necessary change.

If you would like support in making such changes real and lasting, check out my new six-week Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Course starting on 16 January 2019 at the Mokshala Yoga and Meditation Centre in Saffron Walden, Essex. You won’t regret it.

sarah stollery headshot

Sarah Stollery is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher and co-founder of The Cabin, a self-directed learning community for home-educated children. She is passionate about empowering people of all ages and stages of life with the tools to thrive in these challenging times by creating space to learn, explore and integrate a wide range of wellbeing practices.


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By Sarah Stollery, kundalini yoga and meditation teacher.

My experience with the practice of yoga began many years ago when I first moved to the UK in 2002. I began by attending a weekly class at a rented space in Cambridge taught by the amazing Louise Palmer Masterson, who went on to found CamYoga, a chain of excellent yoga studios in Cambridge and the surrounding villages.

Mostly I enjoyed the exercise and the similarities that yoga shared with dance as that had been my favourite physical/creative outlet when I was growing up. But it was also technical and required a level of dedication and passion to progress that I did not feel I wanted to pursue at the time.

I dabbled with different classes and teachers over the next few years, liking the idea of yoga more than the actual practice itself. Looking back, I realise I had failed to truly understand the essence of yoga at all. At the time, it was simply another form of physical exercise to me.

But a few years later, a very dear friend told me about kundalini yoga and meditation. She explained that it was different to the hatha yoga I had been practicing and it had changed her life.

I was intrigued and so found a teacher in Cambridge. After my first class, I knew a seed had been sewn. I had no idea what would grow out of it, but I knew that kundalini yoga was part of my future somehow. The only problems were that classes were very hard to find and Cambridge was a challenge for me to get to, but I still felt drawn to learn more about the practice.

And so it was in October 2014 that I decided to train to become a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. Up to this point, I had followed the odd DVD and sporadically meditated here and there, but it wasn’t until I took on the training that I began to practice regularly at home as it was a requirement of the course.

Leap of faith
Leap of faith

Things holding you back

Some of the things that had stopped me practicing at home before I started training were:

  • The belief that I did not have enough experience or knowledge of yoga;
  • Feeling like I did not know what to practice, when or how. In other words, what did practicing on my own actually look like?
  • Believing I needed a teacher watching over me to make sure I was doing it all correctly all the time;
  • The mindset that my practice should resemble a full 90 minute yoga class, which I did not have time for.

But very soon after I began practicing at home, many things changed including, most significantly, my perception of yoga itself. Instead of it simply being a set of exercises I liked the idea of, it became like a best friend. It became a relationship.

It also became a source of comfort – and sometimes discomfort! – a container that allowed insights about myself to come to the surface and enable me to change my behaviour for the better. Most importantly, it became a tool – THE tool – for managing my wellbeing.

I came to realise that yoga is not just something you do on a mat for 30 minutes a day. It is a deeper, enriched and ever-evolving relationship with yourself that truly begins the moment you commit to spending time with yourself.

It really is that simple – and as soon as we make it more than that we risk creating the limitations that stop us from practicing on our own. Attending a class is still vital to make progress, provide community and expand our knowledge base. But the real gold, at least for me, comes through the constancy, silence and stillness that often happens at 10.42 pm on a Sunday night in my own living room.

sarah stollery headshot

Sarah Stollery is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher and co-founder of  The Cabin, a self-directed learning community for home-educated children. She is passionate about empowering people of all ages and stages of life with the tools to thrive in these challenging times by creating space to learn, explore and integrate a wide range of wellbeing practices.


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